Tax Strategies & Preparation

Taxes are a fact of life.  However, we can help you be proactive in having a plan to reduce your tax liability.  Utilizing corporations, LLCs, partnerships, and benefit plans, you can implement stratgies to reduce your tax liability, preserve wealth, limit liability, and reduce the probability of being selected for audit.


Accounting, Bookkeeping, Financial Statements

You are busy running your business or organization.  We offer efficient bookkeping services that keep your records up to date.  You will know if your operation is running a profit or surplus, how much cash is available, and other important information.  You will have the peace of mind that your company is reporting information timely and correctly.


Payroll and Gross Receipts Tax (Sales Tax)

There are fewer more complicated processes than payroll processing and sales tax.  Myriads of rules and regulations related to various tax agencies, timing of tax payments, and reporting of payroll wages, payroll taxes, and sales taxes are involved.  Our services take the mystery out of this confusing process.  Employee wages are paid, taxes are paid, tax returns are timely filed.  You are operating your business successfully.


Tax Representation

You or your business receive a notice from the IRS or State Department of Revenue.  What do you do?  Further, the letter uses the word “examination”.  We are available to represent you to any tax agency.  Sometimes there is nothing to do.  Sometimes there is a complete field audit.  Sometimes a taxpayer finds himself unable to pay the tax liability.  We are here for you during these events.  As a taxpayer you have rights.  We will make sure you are properly represented to resolve any of these types of matters when they arrise.


Chief Financial Officer Services

Our firm can provide your business or organization with a complete array of services that makes the entire accounting and financial functions efficient for you.  Our firm can provide receivables and payables management, treasury services, financial statement preparation, compliance reporting, and solid business guidance that help you make wise decisions for you business or organization.


Fraud Examination Service

We can conduct an audit of your organization's internal financial controls.  Help you determine if there is an area of weakness or risk.  If you suspect your organization is missing cash or assets, we can conduct an audit to determine what occurred



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